Intermittent fast for weight loss: This is the best way to break your fast every day

01/11How to break your intermittent fast

A scientifically proven way to lose weight, intermittent fasting can be really helpful if you do it the right way. Instead of eliminating food groups from your diet, the lifestyle diet works on timing your meals. But like most people, do not make the mistake of considerng it as a diet allows you to over indulge and satisfy all your unhealthy cravings during the eating window.

02/11Follow intermittent fasting the right way to lose weight

While a lot of people feel intermittent fasting is one of the easier diet plans to follow, to get the most from it, it is important to break your fast in the right manner.Some nutritional experts also believe that the food you eat while breaking your fast holds the key to sabotage or amplify your weight loss and it becomes all the more crucial if your fasting window is longer than 20 hours. Remember, you have a smaller eating window, so eating wisely should be the key.