Insane AOC Calls the GOP the “KKK Caucus”

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AOC, the Democrats’ media hound representative from New York, has a problem; she just can’t stop saying or doing ridiculously inane things.

Whether she’s wearing a “Tax the Rich” dress at an event where tickets cost tens of thousands of dollars, crying next to fence with nothing more than an empty parking lot on the other side, or completely misdescribing the Keystone XL pipeline, what it was meant to transport, and to where it was to transport oil (not natural gas, as she claimed), she just can’t seem to keep her facts straight or asinine opinions coherent.

Her recent claim is yet more proof of her seeming competition with Joe Biden over which one of them has fewer functioning brain cells. In a tweet, she claimed that the GOP is the “KKK caucus” and “[allows] violent targeting of woc members of Congress.”

For those that don’t know, the KKK was founded by Democrats after the Civil War as a way to oppose Republican-led Reconstruction efforts. So, while it’s probably unfair to blame modern Democrats for the creation of the KKK, as it was founded by members of their party over a century and a half ago, it’s just as dumb, if not more so, to claim that modern Republicans are somehow responsible for the KKK.

Despite those basic facts, AOC didn’t back down.

In a series of two more tweets, both comments on the tweet above, she declared that “While people toss out clichés like ‘we condemn all forms of racism & bigotry,’ the fact is Islamophobia is far too often tolerated and ignored. Bigotry is not made unacceptable by what one says about it, it’s made acceptable based on whether there are consequences for it or not” and that “GOP are given freedom to incite without consequence. They don’t have to pay for the security required from their acts- we do. They make money off it. &They are targeting those least likely to be institutionally protected first.

Her keeping those three heinous tweets up shows she’s not backing down, which is to be expected of someone as radical and loose with the facts as she is.

And, of course, left out from her tweets is any discussion of Democrat-committed racial attacks, such as when a gorilla mask-clad “protester” violently assaulted Larry Elder and his staff during the California recall election.

AOC’s predictably inane and untrue comments came as a response to Rep. Boebert’s joke about Ilhan Omar, a Democratic rep that once dismissively described 9/11 as when “some people did something.”

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