If You Think That You’ve Seen Everything, Our Stories With Unpredictable Endings Will Convince You Otherwise

Could someone get a job even if they applied out of sheer frustration? Is it possible to have a meeting with foreigners if you don’t know their language? The answer is “yes.” Read these stories if you don’t believe us.

smartzune.com collected the most interesting internet user stories that prove our life is unpredictable.

  • I have a simple brooch, nothing special. Once on the subway, an old woman sat next to me and asked me to sell it to her. I refused and she gave me her phone number and asked me to think about it. I got curious and called her. It turned out that this brooch was her mother’s brooch and she’d sold it 60 years ago to buy food for her family. She even showed me some of her old family photos. I gave her the brooch back and refused the money.
  • I decided to plant an avocado pit. I created a special construction, placed the seed in a glass of water, faced the pointed end of the seed upward, and started to wait until it cracked and roots appeared. I also forbade my husband to touch it because he likes to break things. A few days ago, it finally cracked. I was so excited, I texted my husband (he was at work), “Avocado pit is cracked!” And sent a picture. As I was typing that the roots were going to appear soon, my husband answered, “It wasn’t me! I didn’t touch your pit!”
  • On my resume, a wrote that I knew a foreign language. Who there would be able to test my Czech anyway? I passed the interview and no one asked about my language skills. One year later, when I’d already forgotten about my lie, my boss says, “Company representatives are coming tomorrow. You’re going to negotiate with them. We’re lucky to have someone who speaks Czech!” Long story short, my boss actually ended up being very pleased. The Czech folks were constantly laughing and ended up agreeing to our terms. As for me, I wasn’t telling any jokes, I was just asking where their hotel was over and over again and kept repeating that I didn’t know any of the Czech language.