“I HOPE THAT B*TCH DIES”; Unhinged Liberal Wishes Kavanaugh “A Slow, Painful Death” After He Contracts Covid [VIDEO]

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As we discussed earlier on Trending Politics, Justice Brett Kavanaugh has tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus. Thankfully, Kavanaugh isn’t experiencing any symptoms and he is also fully vaccinated. The virus doesn’t seem to be hitting him very hard.

However, that isn’t stopping liberals from rejoicing and wishing death upon him.

One unhinged Democrat posted a video on TikTok that has now gone viral where she wishes Kavanaugh a “slow painful death” so that Biden can install a liberal justice in his place.

“I say this with my whole heart, I hope that bi*ch dies a long, painful death while we’re still under the Biden administration. So as soon as physically possible so you can please die a slow painful death so that we can have that – that is great in itself – but also so we can have a liberal judge,” the psycho said.

Watch the lunatic below:

“I hope you die Kavanaugh, I hope you die a painful death. I hope that virus rips you a new a**hole. Okay bye!,” she concluded.

Sadly for the young woman, Kavanaugh isn’t experiencing any symptoms and he will recover shortly:

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