How Tourists Get Cheated in Different Countries

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When going on vacation, people anticipate seeing new things and oftentimes, pay more attention to choosing the right sunscreen rather than the safety of their belongings. This is a well-known fact to scammers who use this for their own profit. They have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves that help make tourists’ wallets thinner. This article will explain why you should never answer a passerby who asks, “Where you are heading?” in Egypt; why you’d better ask a photographer in Russia how many clothing elements a photo session costume contains; and how to not end up paying more than you expected in Italian restaurants. is revealing actual cheating tricks in hopes that you will never get caught on the hook of dishonest people.

Life-size puppets

Where you can see it: Russia, Ukraine

Life-size puppets “hunt” in the most popular tourist spots wearing costumes of famous cartoon characters. As a rule, these “animals” come up to people with kids and ask the parents to get their smartphone out and take a couple of pictures.

How Tourists Get Cheated in Different Countries

 Then afterward, they start to ask for money for each photo that was taken. These scammers usually behave boldly and aggressively, counting on the fact that a person will become confused and agree to their conditions. If the price hadn’t been announced before you were asked to take a picture, just walk away and don’t succumb to provocations.