How to Survive a Fall From Extreme Heights When It Seems That You Have No Chance

What is the maximum height a person can plummet from and survive? Even a fall from the first floor can end up badly, nevermind one from 33,000 feet. However, Yugoslavian flight attendant Vesna Vulovic managed to survive a fall from this height after her plane blew up in the air as a result of a terrorist attack. She endured severe injuries, but later decided to return to aviation as a flight attendant again. We decided to find out how you can increase your chances for survival when you fall and it seems like nothing can save you.

 found out information which is worth knowing just in case, though we hope that you’ll never need it in reality.

If you fall out of a window

  • When you fall, try to cling to anything you can find. It’ll break your fall in a few intervals and decrease your speed a bit. And if there’s a canopy on your way, be it a plastic or glass one, it will help you to stop your fall.

How to Survive a Fall From Extreme Heights When It Seems That You Have No Chance

  • It might sound like a cruel joke, but try to relax your muscles while you’re falling, don’t tense them up. Drunk people and little kids are those who survive a fall most often. First of all, neither kids nor drunks realize what’s happening to the full extent. Secondly, alcohol switches off panic and relaxes muscles. As for babies, their bones are much softer than those of an adult, and their skull is more likely to deform, than to crack after hitting the ground.
  • Bend your knees (but not too much) and hold your legs together. This way both of your legs will touch the ground simultaneously, and the impact will be weaker.