How Sugar Can Damage Your Health and What You Can Do to Stop It

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American scientists found out that sugar is not as dangerous for our health as we think. More than that, a small amount of sugar is even necessary for our body to function properly. But we often eat too much ice cream, chocolate, cheesecake, and other tasty food. As a result, we gain extra weight, get early wrinkles, have acne, and get even more serious health problems.

If you really need to cut down on sugar,   will tell you how to do it. But first, you should learn about 3 sugar myths that often confuse us.

Myth № 1: Sugar causes diabetes

In fact, eating sugar doesn’t lead to diabetes. This illness is either inherited genetically or is caused by problems with the pancreas. The claim that sugar itself is dangerous for health is not true. In fact, a person can eat 12 spoons of sugar a day without any negative consequences.