How a Bad Bite Influences Our Appearance and Health

An improper bite is not only about an unattractive smile, but it is also a threat to a person’s health in general. In some very serious cases, not only is the jaw in danger, but also the digestive and the cardiovascular systems. Besides, bad dental prosthesis or the teeth positioned in the wrong way can change the facial features and become a reason for insecurity. decided to find out what the consequences an improper bite can lead to and if it is necessary to see an orthodontist when you are adult. The results are actually impressive.

1. Facial asymmetry

A little bit of asymmetry doesn’t make a face look bad and even makes it a little bit unusual, in a good way. But if a person has a malocclusion (an improper bite), a really severe asymmetry of the lower or the upper part of the face may develop. For example, if a child loses a baby tooth too early or if an adult person doesn’t have all their teeth, the mouth may look unusual: for example, one side of the mouth might be lower than the other or the line of eyes might be tilted.

How a Bad Bite Influences Our Appearance and Health

Some celebrities even have this feature, but only slightly. And if the problem of a missing tooth or an improper bite is not solved in time, even the most highly-qualified dentists might not be able to solve the problem of facial asymmetry.

2. The curvature of the spine and body imbalance

If a person has an improper bite, it may cause them to have a round back or even influence their physical activity. This is mostly true for people who have a sedentary lifestyle. The influence of malocclusion on the body and spine control is more noticeable when a person feels tired.