Here’s How 13 Republicans Just Betrayed The Country To Reward Illegal Immigration, Worsen Inflation, And Pay Off Democrats’ Donors

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Unlike many Western nations, the United States Of America has settled on only two main political parties.

With only two directly opposing parties trying to govern, gridlock is guaranteed.

In what I have used to argue that America is no longer the U.S.A, the number of states becoming purple and eventually blue has increased. The GOP representatives from these states tend to be left-leaning anyway, and thus the Republican party is not united.

The Democrats on the other hand are united, except on rare occasions when their far-left members, who are trying to deconstruct the American culture, pushes for dramatic change too quickly causing some kickback from a few old school members, like Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

On Friday, 13 House Republicans bailed out Speaker Nancy Pelosi, giving her the votes needed to pass the so-called “bipartisan infrastructure bill”, for some reason called the BIF.

Philip Klein, at National Review, called the move by these 13 Republicans “political malpractice,” and a “betrayal.”

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