HEARTBREAKING: Afghan Girl Tears Up, Says ‘No One Cares About Us. We’ll Die Slowly In History’

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In a heartbreaking video that has now gone viral, a young Afghan girl with tears running down her face, cries about her future, saying, “No one cares about us. We’ll die slowly in history.”

The video was shared by Iranian dissident activist journalist Mashi Alinejad, showing the girl in a vehicle, stating, “We don’t count because we were born in Afghanistan. I cannot help crying. I have to wipe my tears to be able to film this video. No one cares about us. We’ll die slowly in history.”

“Tears of a hopeless Afghan girl whose future is getting shattered as the Taliban advance in the country,” Alinejad shared. “My heart breaks for women of Afghanistan. The world has failed them. History will write this.”


Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head in Pakistan by the Taliban in 2012 and miraculously survived, tweeted, “We watch in complete shock as Taliban takes control of Afghanistan. I am deeply worried about women, minorities and human rights advocates. Global, regional and local powers must call for an immediate ceasefire, provide urgent humanitarian aid and protect refugees and civilians.”

“Local reports say Taliban fighters are already going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 as Jihadist commanders order imams to create ‘marriage lists’ and offer girls for sexual servitude,” the Daily Mail reported. “Taliban soldiers are to marry the women aged from 12 to 45 … because they view them as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’ — to be divided up among the victors.”

Women in Afghanistan are in fear of their lives considering the Taliban has no regards for them and will do what ever they like with them.

According to a new report Taliban terrorists are reportedly conducting door to door searches in Kabul, searching for Afghan government officials, military members, and other allies who worked with the United States.

The Taliban is also searching for journalists even though they promised a “peaceful” transfer of power in Afghanistan despite reports of forced marriages and executions.

“Taliban started door to door search looking for govt officials, former police & security forces members & those who worked for foreign countries NGOs or infrastructures in Afghanistan. At least 3 journalists’ houses were searched in the last hour. Kabul is now becoming deadly,” a Kabul-based journalist tweeted on Monday. “This is a game-changer for us all. Many have started counting their final hours of life in Kabul. Nobody knows what happens next. Pray for us.”

“Taliban fighters going door-to-door in #Kabul, looking for government employees, soldiers and police, and Afghans who worked with foreign govts and NGOs, several residents tell me,” another journalist tweeted. “Some have been taken away, family members say. In other cases, houses have been searched and documents/weapons confiscated. Taliban also recording names/addresses.”

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