11 Beautiful Human Appearance Features That Are Actually Genetic Anomalies

Genetic mutations are so complex that they sometimes produce amazing results. Genes and the way they malfunction make some people look even more unique. We at smartzune.com  found 11 genetic anomalies in humans that make them look eye-catching and attractive.

11. Vitiligo

No matter how strange it might sound, these 2 girls are identical twins. The genetic work behind this mutation is very complex. Yet it may result in “same-egg” kids looking completely different. Imagine the parents’ surprise when they saw their babies for the first time!


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Vitiligo causes the skin, hair, and even nails to lose color. There is no treatment, but it can be slowed down. Winnie Harlow, pictured above, is a model who has vitiligo. She is known for the white patches on her skin, and she is proud of them. We agree — they are beautiful. One of the most well-known cases of vitiligo was Michael Jackson, who lost 100% of his skin pigmentation.