Gardening Makes People Happier and Emotionally Stronger, a Study Suggests

1 out of 3 households has either a food garden or a flower garden. The popularity of having a personal garden is increasing day by day. It is not only good for the environment, but, according to a study, gardening can improve our emotional well-being and make us happier. is intrigued by the study and would like to share its details with our readers.

The study surveyed 370 people.

For research, data was collected from 370 people residing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. They were asked to report their emotional well-being on a specially developed app called Daynamica after indulging in any of the 15 activities on the program.

People who engaged in home gardening were found to be happier.

Out of the 370, 118 people engaged in home gardening and reported a higher level of emotional well-being. For all of the 15 given activities, the emotional well-being of participants was measured for each activity type: average net effect, average happiness, average meaningfulness, and the frequency of experiencing peak positive emotions. The results showed that gardening made people as happy as biking, walking, or dining out.

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