Fact-Check Finds Biden Made Several False Claims During Press Conference

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Joe Biden finally gave his first press conference on Thursday — 64 days after taking office — and it was everything many Americans expected.

And a whole lotta what most did not expect.

For instance, who among us would have thought that our president is not capable of holding a presser without the use of cue cards, copious notes, size 42 fonts and pictorial guides to the ‘approved’ list of journalists he is to call on for ‘questions’ so he can put a face to a name?

In the words of Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Thursday’s display was nothing less than “embarrassing.”

“It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Despite weeks of preparation, even fake news CNN admits it, cheat sheets with 14-point font and of course a compliant media mob lobbing one softball question after another, it still was not enough for Joe Biden, ” Hannity said.

“The frail, the weak, the cognitively struggling, clearly, commander-in-chief, or is he, did not do well today, to say the least,” he continued.

But it wasn’t just Biden’s frailty; turns out much of what he said were just flat-out lies, though of course, he wasn’t called out by any of the predetermined compliant media doormats.

The Daily Mail reports:

President Joe Biden misstated the reality at the U.S.-Mexico border and offered a misleading account of who’s getting the most benefits from the Donald Trump tax cuts in his first presidential press conference. …

He was grilled on a number of topics, including the situation at the border, the Senate filibuster, working with Republicans, his 2024 re-election plans and Afghanistan – but received no questions on the coronavirus pandemic or on relations with Russia amid rising tensions with the Kremlin or his stumbles as he climbed the Air Force One stairs.

First things first, Biden was asked a number of softball questions; he was never “grilled,” as the Daily Mail described. But the paper did fact-check the president.

Biden claimed “nothing has changed” regarding the number of migrant children crossing illegally into the U.S. since President Trump was in office.

“It happens every single solitary year. There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March. It happens every year,” he said.

Verdict: Wrong. “According to statistics published by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, authorities encountered 9,457 children without a parent in February, a 61 percent increase from January, not 28 percent. The numbers of unaccompanied children did rise 31 percent between January 2019 and February 2019,” the Daily Mail reported.

Biden claimed his regime is sending away a “majority” of migrant families that show up to the border and cross illegally.

Verdict: Blatantly untrue. “The data shows only 41 per cent of immigrant families were turned away under Title 42, which allows the US Border Patrol to immediately expel any migrant to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in February,” the outlet reported, adding that 79 percent of single adults were, in fact, returned.

Biden claimed Trump cut $700 million in funding to Central American nations El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. “What did Trump do? He eliminated that funding. He didn’t use it. He didn’t do it,” Biden said.

Verdict: Uh-uh. Trump threatened to, and then did, withhold funding from those three countries, but only until they agreed to start taking back their own citizens who crossed illegally into the U.S. Funny how money talks, and BS walks.

Biden was also dishonest about the number of times the filibuster has been used recently in comparison to historical uses; COVID-19 vaccine figures; economic growth predictions for this year (which is inevitable as more of the country reopen from coronavirus lockdowns); and majority GOP support for his agenda.

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