Everyone Has Only 3 Chances to Fall in Love, and It’s Important to Take Them All

Throughout our life, we keep falling in love and breaking up — sometimes only to get together again. Some people enter our orbit, others go away, making us experience dramatic emotional ups and downs we didn’t even think possible.

But psychologists say that a person can only genuinely fall in love three times. And each such experience, in its own way, is important and even necessary.

1. Fairy tale lov

Quite often, our first love arrives when we are still very young. It seems to us the kind of feeling which we’ve been reading about in fairy tales. So we idealize it and believe that it is for life.

At this point, we tend to do things our peers or family members expect us to do.

Everyone Has Only 3 Chances to Fall in Love, and It’s Important to Take Them All

We refuse to pay attention to small problems and are prepared to sacrifice our principles for the sake of our relationship because, deep down, we believe that everything is as it should be.

The way our relationship looks on the outside is more important to us than what we really feel.

Such love teaches us that looking at your partner is just as important as looking around you.