Dad Tries To Challenge His 5-Month-Old Son Into A Rap Battle, Gets Defeated By His Laughter

Let’s end this looooong week on a positive note, shall we? In fact, there’s something really special prepared for this exact occasion. It’s a rap battle… between a dad and his 5-month-old son.

Basically, this dad, who is also a rapper from Baltimore named B-doe, decided to battle rap his baby son Quentin. And even though this smol bean can’t even talk yet, he wins the fight using the deadliest weapon there is. LAUGHTER.

Just go on and see for yourself.

I mean, who can blame this little cutie. Seriously, can you think of anything more hilarious than your father trying to battle rap you?

Image credits: ThatsHowitBdoe

The dad thought that he had everything under control. He had his sick rhymes prepared and everything was going smoothly.

Image credits: ThatsHowitBdoe

Until something cracked Quentin up. That was the moment when it became absolutely clear who will be the winner of this historical rap battle.

Look at that adorable little face!

Image credits: ThatsHowitBdoe

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