Cruz Exposes Pelosi’s Latest Election Power Grab: ‘Will Keep Dems In Power for 100 Years’

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Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats for pushing another election power grab.

While speaking during a Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, Cruz warned about Democrats’ push to pass the voting rights bill H.R.1, labeling it a “power grab” intended to keep their party in control for a century.

“It is a brazen and shameless power grab by Democrats,” Cruz declared. “It speaks volumes that this is HR 1 and S1, that the number 1 priority of Democrats is … keeping Democrats in power for 100 years.”

“And how did they do this?” Cruz continued. “They do this by instituting a bill that will promote widespread fraud and illegal voting.”

Cruz went on to explain several aspects of the bill that Republicans have been criticizing for weeks that they believe will make it easier for fraud to occur in elections.

“There’s automatic registration of anybody if you get a driver’s license,” Cruz said. “If you get a welfare payment. If you get an unemployment payment. If you attend a public university.”

Cruz explained that “everyone knows” there are millions of illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses and suggested Democrats intend on allowing them to vote


The House also passed H.R. 1, a radical voting bill that would mandate universal mail-in voting, counting votes as many as 10 days after the election, and allow automatic voter registration.

This bill is so bad that even the Associated Press referred to it as “the largest overhaul of the U.S. election law in at least a generation.”

The AP also states that if the bill passes in the Senate, it has the “potential to shape election outcomes for years to come.”

House Democrats previously introduced the “For the People Act of 2021” which will ensure Democrats can count ballots for days after an election.

Republicans are already sounding the alarm, warning that it would give license to unwanted federal interference in states’ authority to conduct their own elections — ultimately benefiting Democrats through higher turnout, most notably among minorities.

As horrifying as that is, not many are aware that there’s an amendment in the bill that gives the Department of Justice the power to remove social media posts they claim are “foreign-backed disinformation and propaganda.”

However, things could get tricky this week.

H.R. 1 will head to the Senate, where Democrats have a slim 50-50 majority with Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker.

Progressives keep pushing to abolish the filibuster since the bill needs 60 votes to advance in the Senate.

Democrats want to end the filibuster, but they can’t because they can’t afford any defections in their own ranks.

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