CRIMINAL CONDUCT? Ted Lieu’s Son Admitted to Stanford After Daddy Funneled Campaign Cash to Them

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Russia conspiracy theorist and far-left representative Ted Lieu (D-CA), strategically made two $25,000 donations to Stanford University in 2017 and 2018 when his two teenage sons were in high school getting ready for college.

To make matters more corrupt, Lieu actually used campaign cash, which is funded by donors, to make the “donation” to Stanford. reported on this back in 2019:

Outspoken California Rep. Ted Lieu has a reputation for philanthropy and service to his community. A look at his campaign finance records reveals that he’s especially generous when it comes to making contributions with other people’s money – namely, his donors.

In light of the fact that Democrats give much less to charity than Republicans do, the fact that Lieu thinks it’s okay to use his donors’ money to fund his charitable giving (instead of his own) isn’t really surprising. He could justify it as streamlining the process, since he’s really just bypassing the IRS.

Here is the FEC Form 3, Schedule B, showing a $25,000 “donation” in June of 2018.

Federal law allows candidate to make “charitable contributions” with their campaign money however there is one caveat that Lieu may have broken.

“Campaign committees can give gifts to charity,” federal law states. “The amount donated to a charitable organization cannot be used for purposes that personally benefit the candidate.”

On Wednesday, word started spreading around Twitter that Lieu’s son had been admitted to Stanford which is raising many red flags.

“BREAKING: Rep. Ted Lieu funneled $50,000 of campaign cash over to Stanford University, son gets admitted. Varsity Blues is alive and well in the ruling class,” said “RealBFolks” on Twitter with screenshots showing Lieu’s son’s Instagram profile.


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