Co-Workers Hilariously Compete To See Who Can Show Up With The Silliest Costume During Their Quarantine Meetings

Dogs of Design is a small creative agency in Los Angeles. They do everything from web development to photography and video production, branding, advertising, and package design. But the pandemic has disrupted their workflow and just like so many of us, the employees had to pack up their office and take their responsibilities home.

While navigating all of the uncertainties that have come together with this change, Dogs of Design have found an awesome way to break lockdown tensions — spicing up their online meetings. DIY costumes, props, virtual backgrounds, they’re using everything they can get their hands on to see who can come up with the wackiest look. Continue scrolling and check out the fun little competition for yourself!

Everything started out pretty normal

Jessica Cyr, a Dogs of Design team member who occupies the top right corner in their conference calls, said she and her colleagues have the ideal work environment. “We’ve all been working together for about 11 to 15 years, and we’ve really become a family in that time,” Cyr told . “We’re all very different, but we have taken the time to understand each other, and I think we have struck a great balance between creating a casual work environment where we get a lot done but also feel like we can express ourselves and have a good time – it’s really freeing. I always feel really grateful to work with people I laugh with every day, and it hasn’t been any different while working from home.”

Cyr said the days leading up to LA’s lockdown felt very stressful and uncertain. Especially the last one when her team was disbanding to work from home. “It felt really sad and emotionally charged like we were just all disappearing into the unknown. When we all called into our first daily 10 a.m. meeting, Max (top left) was there in his square, drinking from a huge, really comically large martini glass, totally breaking through the tension and triggering uncontrollable laughter. It was the lead we needed to keep each other smiling and not get too mentally bogged down with the seriousness going on in the world.”

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