CNN’s Don Lemon Says To Be “Unemotional” About the Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

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The “loving and compassionate” CNN host also known as Don Lemon thinks Americans need to be “unemotional” about the Americans still trapped in Afghanistan after President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

The comments from the extreme-left host came while he was speaking with CNN host Chris Cuomo, arguing that Americans should “be a little bit unemotional here” when observing the situation.

Lemon, who praises himself as a fair and balanced reporter, showered Biden with praise for having “the guts to get us out of Afghanistan,” claiming that “the administration is getting beaten up on this a little bit too much” after 13 U.S. service members died and hundreds more Americans left behind.

“I think people should stop beating up on the administration so much because no matter how it ended, everyone wasn’t going to be happy with the way it ended,” Lemon said. “So, if there’s any silver lining in this, it’s going to be what happens going forward. You can’t change the past, you can’t bring those lives back as awful as that is. And so, you know… I think the administration is getting beaten up on this a little bit too much because there’s a lot of blame to go around from four different presidents and who actually didn’t have the guts to get us out of Afghanistan because they were afraid of this moment and what an exit might look like.”


“I do believe that there’s going to have to be accountability — we’re going to have to find out exactly what happened and what went wrong … it’s TBD. To be determined,” Lemon said. “We’re still seeing what’s happening. You can’t get them out there- you can’t get them all out in five minutes. You can’t get them all out yesterday. So what happens going forward when we continue with this effort to get them out, and we start getting them out, as many out as possible. Then I think we should stop all, you know, running around like, ‘Oh my gosh! I can’t believe we left so many people behind!’”

“We don’t know if we left them behind yet,” Lemon added. “We don’t know yet.”

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