CIVIL WAR? Kamala Harris Makes Eyebrow Raising Comment, Appears to Challenge Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

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Did Vice President Kamala Harris just criticize President Joe Biden’s dictatorial vaccine mandates?

On Thursday, President Biden made history when he unleashed one of the most authoritarian policies in modern American history when he issued new vaccine mandates for COVID-19 against the American people.

“Biden to mandate all employers (100 workers or more) require #COVID19 vaccinations or weekly virus tests, affecting as many as 100 million Americans,” PBS reported.

On Friday, Vice President Harris made comments that appeared to directly oppose President Biden’s mandates. Was she purposely trying to speak out against the president? It is no secret that Harris and Biden aren’t best of friends and these recent comments from Harris should not be taken lightly.

In the following clip, Harris was speaking out about her pro-abortion stance however conservatives believe she was throwing shade at Biden for vaccine mandates.

“When people are able to make choices without government interference for themselves in terms of their well-being and the well-being of their family… we are a stronger society,” Harris said, completely opposing Biden’s mandate which does not allow Americans to make their own decisions without government interference.


Conservative reporter Jack Posobiec, who has been reporting recently that Harris is in disagreement with Biden, commented on the quote from Harris.

“Kamala throwing Biden right under the bus,” he tweeted. “Shade War is hot.”

Conservative Deus Flex gave a similar reaction to Harris’ comments.

“Watch the play. Kamala’s camp is using Biden’s rhetoric to make her seem as the more reasonable alternative…. And it’s working,” he tweeted.

“Kamala’s comments are designed to highlight the differences between her & Biden. IMO-Biden will be resigning within the next year. They’re hoping this type of rhetoric will make Kamala more likeable & soften her image over time. And they also like the abortions. A lot.”

The day prior to the comments made by Harris, Posobiec sent out tweets regarding the Harris/Biden feud behind the scenes. The conservative journalist has a source in the White House.

Kamala had little to nothing to do with the COVID speech today. Ron Klain and Fauci all had hands in. Jill wanted to ‘go full Australia,’ per WH official,” he tweeted.

What are your thoughts? Was Harris throwing shade at President Biden? Let us know in the comments below!

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