Choose a Pie and Learn About Your Personality Type

The experts believe that there’s a direct connection between one’s personality and the subconscious mind. That’s how these puzzles work — even a simple decision like choosing a pie is not an accident, your subconscious has done it for you and it can reveal quite a bit about the inner you. And the chosen image is more than just a piece of food, it actually reveals your personality.

Keep in mind that this is just a fun test so don’t take it too seriously — unless we manage to get things spot-on, of course!

We at love personality tests and find it truly amazing how much you can tell from the smallest decisions. Let’s see if we got it right this time.

Look at the picture. Which pie did you spot first? Scroll down to find out what it means.

1. Circle

You’re a thinker and an analyzer. You have an unbeatable ability to make “outside of the box” decisions. You don’t like wasting time and try to get things done in the most efficient way, no matter what it is, like walking the dog, washing the car, or changing your insurance provider.

Choose a Pie and Learn About Your Personality Type

You are phenomenal at finding solutions when everybody else has already given up. You’re very practical and like to have everything in order.A circle is a simple closed shape. It is the set of all points in a plane that are at a given distance from a given point, the centre; equivalently it is the curve traced out by a point that moves in a plane so that its distance from a given point is constant.