Cheers to the Teenage Years | Happy 13th Birthday!

  • It is kind of hard to imagine a world where you are a teenager. You will always be thought of as that tiny precious princess. Happy Birthday!
  • You are celebrated and loved every day more than ever. Best wishes for an amazing 13th birthday!
  • Happy Birthday and know that you are indeed loved by so many!
  • It is hard to believe you are 13 now. Time really has flown by. Best wishes for your birthday!
  • It seems like yesterday you were just a little baby. You should know it has been a true blessing to watch you become an amazing teenager. Happy Birthday!
  • You are smart, and you are talented. You are beautiful and friendly, too. Don’t ever forget how special you really are. I hope you have an amazing 13th birthday!
  • Please don’t ever forget how much you are loved. Here is hoping you have the best birthday and best year ever.
  • Welcome to your teenage years, young lady! Please remember to be good and not get into any trouble. We love you!
  • You have always made us so proud. We hope you will continue to set goals for yourself, and we have no doubt you can achieve them. Here is to an awesome 13th year!
  • We are certain you will keep impressing us in all that you do. Just make sure you keep working hard. Happy Birthday to our new teenager!
Happy 13th birthday.
Happy 13th birthday.


Here are some birthday greetings to consider for boys.

  • It seems like yesterday you were just a little baby boy everyone loved so much. Now you are a teenager who everyone loves even more. Have the best birthday possible!
  • You have grown to become an amazing young man. Make sure you do not ever forget how amazing you are. Best wishes for your birthday!
  • You are indeed one cool teenager now. You could not be loved more. Happy Birthday, buddy!
  • Well, you are one of those cool teenagers now. And you should know, you are without a doubt cool. I hope your birthday is as cool as you are!
  • Not only are you kind and smart, but you are really fun, too. Best wishes on your birthday!
  • Don’t forget being 13 means you have some added responsibilities coming your way. But you also are going to be having even more fun. Be good, birthday boy!
  • Happy Birthday! You are no longer a little boy, but you always will be thought of as that little sweet boy who everyone loved. We love you more than ever.
  • Now you have become a teenager, but you have to still be sweet, though. So don’t think your teenage years just permit you to get into trouble. Be good and Happy Birthday!
  • If you only do what you believe is the right thing to do, you won’t run into issues in your teen years. Congratulations on becoming a teenager, birthday boy!
Happy 13th birthday.
Happy 13th birthday.


Any of these well-wishes should be perfect for her.

  • You are such a special girl to your family and friends. You are loved beyond words, and you should know that love will always be there for you. Happy Birthday!
  • Just because you are a cool, hip teenager now does not mean you cannot count on those who love you. You will always be able to count on them, birthday girl.
  • Do not ever forget your family loves you. And don’t forget to celebrate your birthday!
  • Make sure you celebrate this day more than usual. You are a teenager after all! Happy 13th birthday, young lady!