Bright Side Readers Share 24 Creepy Children’s Quotes That They Can’t Explain

Some time ago, we published an article about the creepiest things children have ever said that we found on Reddit. We were really surprised to see that our readers shared their own impressive stories in the comments. And they were also really creepy.

In this article,  has put together your most interesting stories. Here they are.

  • When my brother was little, his uncle was holding him in his arms once, and suddenly my brother said, “Do you remember how I was holding you when you were little?” Nika Ozz
  • My grandmother told me this story. When I was 5, I would often run to our neighbor’s orchard to get some apples. I always chose only those that were red and ripe. Once, my grandma couldn’t find me in our yard and decided to go look for me in the orchard. This orchard was untended,
  • so she had to search for me for a while until she heard me talking to someone. I was saying something like, “Bring me only red apples, I don’t like green ones.” When she asked me who I had been talking to, I answered that it was our neighbor, granny Lena. She had always given me apples. My grandma got so scared that she even considered moving to another village. It turns out that granny Lena had died 15 years earlier. She had been lonely because her husband and sons had died during World War II. So she used to spend all of her time taking care of her apple orchard. Valeria Berkuta