BREAKING: NYC Releases Shockingly Long List Of Places You Can’t Go Without A Vax Passport

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When NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened unvaccinated citizens a few weeks ago, he wasn’t messing around. In a brand new press conference, the failed NYC Mayor outlined the incredibly long list of businesses and establishments you’ll be banned from in the Big Apple if you’re not inoculated with the experimental jab.

In short, starting on Tuesday, they are going to try their best to make life a living hell for the unvaccinated population.

The full list is included below, but some of the most commonplace businesses you’ll be banned from are ALL restaurants, bars, grocery stores which contain indoor dining, fast food restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, gyms and basically anything that has to do with entertainment.

Look below:

If you can’t read the image, here’s the list:

Indoor dining
Catering halls
Event spaces
Hotel banquet rooms
Grocery stores with indoor dining
Coffee shops
Fast food/quick service with indoor dining

Indoor entertainment
Movie theaters
Live music
Concert venues
Museums and galleries
Aquariums and zoos
Professional sports arenas
Convention centers
Exhibition halls
Performing arts theaters
Bowling alleys
Pool and billiard halls
Recreational game centers
Adult entertainment

Indoor fitness
Fitness centers
Indoor classes
Fitness studios
Dance studios
Sports classes

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