BREAKING: Jesse Watters Drops Bombshell Report, Sounds the Alarm On Pelosi’s Shady Wealth Scheme

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During his prime time show “Watters’ World” on Fox News, host Jesse Watters dropped a bombshell report on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her shady and corrupt wealth scheme.

Pelosi has been in office for almost 34 years with a consistent salary for a lawmaker however her net worth is estimated to be well over $100 million.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has been a member of Congress for almost 34 years and now has a top-tier position as one of the most influential people in the United States government. While faced with a recent rush of difficult choices as the head of her caucus, Fox News presenter Jesse Watters began a “Watters’ World” probe into her financial transactions throughout her time in politics.

After progressive members of her own party voiced their opposition to the infrastructure package last week, the Speaker was unable to bring the legislation to a vote. “Harder and harder for average Americans to accumulate wealth,” shackling them with taxes and “destroying the dollar with reckless spending.” Watters said, adding that her policies are burdening the middle class.

However, despite the fact that the present pay of a Speaker of the House is in the low six figures, Pelosi is one of the wealthiest members of Congress in the country.

“It appears to be her husband, Paul.” Watters said, detailing how Pelosi is able to secretly make millions.

“After they got married, Paul opened up a real estate and venture capital firm. And through his connections, he pushed Nancy into the political world, helping her get elected to Congress in 1987,” Watters said.

“The couple has timed the market perfectly over the years,” he added, “while Nancy’s been a Washington insider. Real estate, stocks, the Pelosis always know what the right investment is.”

Along with their $25 million home in Napa Valley and their $2 million D.C. apartment and brick mansion in Pacific Heights, California, the Pelosis own commercial buildings in San Francisco worth up to $50 million in total.

“In 2018, the Pelosis’ wealth has skyrocketed,” Watters said. “That year, her financial disclosure report revealed a net worth of over $114 million. In 2019, Pelosi’s assets total up to a whopping $271 million and in 2020, those numbers went up even more to as high as $315 million.”

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