Biden Now Suggests That He Would Support Ending The Filibuster

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Democrats are inching closer to the removal of the last obstacle to their radical transformation of America. On Thursday, Joe Biden suggested that he could soon join the effort to end the filibuster.

During his trainwreck of a press conference, the nation’s 46th president blasted Republicans for obstructing the Democrat agenda with the procedure. The filibuster prevents the minority party from being largely irrelevant, even when the Senate is under majority control. When the GOP had a majority it was Biden’s own party that constantly abused the filibuster.

Biden had previously opposed such a drastic move, but since occupying the White House it has become increasingly obvious that he is far from the “moderate” that he was presented as to the American people. He is merely a frontman for those who would seek to tear down institutions and rebuild them to their liking, regardless of the long-term damage.

According to Biden, the filibuster is “being abused in a gigantic way.”

The longtime former Senator favored returning to the “talking filibuster” where lawmakers would have to speak for extended periods of time. He stated that “If there’s complete lockdown and chaos as a result of the filibuster, we’ll have to go beyond what I’m talking about,” indicating support for the “nuclear option” of eliminating the procedure altogether.

Biden’s change of heart comes after Axios reported that he held a secretive White House meeting with several “historians” to game-plan future moves and impose the most radical policies in the nation’s history on a divided country. According to Axios, the discussion included nuking the filibuster and dispensing with any semblance of bipartisanship.

He also exposed his hand on how the narrative is going to be shaped: doing away with the filibuster will be in pursuit of “racial justice”. When asked by a reporter whether he agreed with his former boss Barack Obama that it was a relic of the Jim Crow era, Biden affirmed that he believed that the filibuster was racist.


Biden also used the term to condemn Republican legislatures that are seeking to restore integrity to the election process after the debacle in 2020.

Biden’s shift was music to the ears of the most extreme members of the Senate, including his vanquished primary opponent who agreed that the filibuster was rooted in racism; “I don’t think anybody debates that,” said Bernie Sanders.

Also impressed was another failed Democrat presidential candidate, “it’s an historic fact that the filibuster is a Jim Crow-era tool,” declared Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Biden’s openness to putting the finishing touches on one-party rule comes as Democrats are clinging to a razor-thin Senate majority, in which president-in-waiting Kamala Harris represents the deciding vote if there is a 50-50 deadlock.

However, with two Democrat senators (West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona) in opposition to such a drastic change, much of the party’s most damaging legislation is unable to pass under the current rules.

With the filibuster gone, Democrats would be able to ram through their crown jewel of a “voting rights” package. The proposed package would effectively strip the states of their ability to run their own elections while institutionalizing the vote by mail scheme that served them so well last November. Republicans are expected to filibuster the Orwellian-named For the People Act that would lay the groundwork for a permanent Democrat majority.

Biden will also be rolling out his multi-trillion “infrastructure” package that will contain much of the controversial Green New Deal championed by the far-left.

Those who dared to suggest that Biden was merely a Trojan horse for socialism were ridiculed and smeared as “conspiracy theorists”. Now the horse is inside the gates.

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