Adam Carolla Says ‘Woke Mob’ Has Gotten to Everyone After Now Conquering Comedians

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Adam Carolla lamented to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday that the “woke mob” has now officially gotten to everyone because they have tamed and shamed comedians into avoiding certain non-PC content.

When comedians are afraid of the backlash from “the woke mob,” then “you know they have gotten to everybody,” Carolla told Hannity.

“Professors and cops and politicians; they caved. Now, the fact that comedians have caved meant they got to everyone,” Carolla continued. “If comedians are scared, then everyone is scared because they were really our last hope. They are the last sort of truth-tellers in society.”

(Courtesy: Fox News)

The funnyman added that “I was like an Indian who just put his ear to the ground and heard something ominous coming my way. And it was this woke bullcrap. And I knew it.

“My feeling is that if as a comedian I can’t speak my mind or I’m scared what people will think I’m going to say or I start governing or editing myself, then I shouldn’t be a comedian anymore,” he noted further. “I should go back to swinging a hammer.”

Before bringing on Carolla, Carlson lamented what he said was a distinct decline in political comedy.

“What’s definitely not funny is watching people slavishly suck up to politicians,” he said. “That’s not comedy, but embarrassing.”

In one rather outrageous example, Carlson showed a clip of an HBO special where Chelsea Handler was talking about the “strong and deep sexual feelings I have developed for Andrew Cuomo.”

She went on to describe the embattled New York Democratic governor as a “big Italian gorilla” as she lapsed into an expletive-laced description of how they would be if they potentially got together.

Carolla went on to speculate that if any of today’s comedians made jokes that played to the center-right or were favorable to former President Donald Trump, their show bookings “would dry up.”

“There would be no more Lebron James, no more Jane Fonda, no more Jennifer Aniston,” he said. “You would not get bookings: Welcome back for a third night in a row [to] Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson.”

To Carolla’s point, big tech has also stepped in to help the woke left censor conservative humor.

Christian Toto, writing at the Daily Signal, noted earlier this month:

It’s a situation so funny that a growing number of ostracized comics forgot to laugh: Conservative-leaning material, they say, is increasingly subject to arbitrary online censorship by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media giants—treatment that appears to have no other explanation except the targets’ bucking of leftist orthodoxy.

Keri Smith, co-host of the “Unsafe Space” podcast, a booker for progressive comics before disavowing woke culture, says the only complaints about censorship she hears are from comics who don’t toe progressives’ social justice line.

“I can’t think of any comics on the left who face something similar,” Smith says.

Conservative-leaning comedian Tim Dillon told “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast in early February that he isn’t sure what might run afoul of so-called community guidelines.

“I don’t know what’s coming down the pike, and it is terrifying for anybody whose career primarily exists online,” Dillon, not as ideologically rigid as Stephen Colbert, said. “I try to just be funny, but is that going to be a defense?”

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