A Woman Shared a Smart Way to Fight Back With People That Make Insulting Jokes

Almost every woman must have heard something dirty and offensive about themselves from people they know, colleagues, bosses, or just some annoying people on the street. Heather Thompson Day, a writer and teacher from Denver, told her story online about how to fight back with people who love making jokes with sexual undertones.

smartzune.com   was amazed by this simple and effective method to make a person that tries to joke like this feel ashamed and stop talking instantly. You might find this method useful too.

This woman shared her life hack on Twitter and judging by the fact that her post has collected over 550,000 likes and 130,000 shares, this problem is familiar to many online users.

Heather explained that it was her father that advised her to do this. “My dad just told me, never laugh. They will mistake your nervous laughter as compliance. Instead, pretend you don’t get it, and watch them explain to you why you should be laughing.” I’ve used this advice my whole life since then.

In the comments under Heather’s post, other girls said that they were amazed by this idea and they also shared their own stories about how they fought back against such inappropriate comments.