A Rescue Squirrel Likes to Travel and Follows Her Human Buddy Everywhere

Spotting squirrels in parks and forests is a regular thing for us. But we bet you haven’t seen any of them in the car, sitting on a driver’s head or running around inside. But now you have a chance to look at a furry girl named Sweet Pea who was rescued and started to travel with her buddy, Miki.

We at Bright Side are ready to share their story with you. Miki told us everything, starting from the very beginning.

Sweet Pea is a lovely squirrel that moved into Miki’s house when she was 4-5 weeks old and was very tiny.

<p>My daughter Vannah was interested in becoming a rehabber after she finished school and one of my clients brought Sweet Pea to her. She found Sweet Pea at the base of a tree in her yard and when after a few hours the mother had not come to get her, my client called and asked if Vannah would like to take her. She was super excited and I was super nervous!</p>

The squirrel didn’t have fur on her tail and was taken to the vet. The doctor said that Sweet Pea would hardly survive the winter without warmth from tail fur.