A Complete Jeans Guide to Help You Choose the Right Fit for Any Look

Sometimes it’s extremely hard to choose the right pair of jeans because there are so many different kinds. When being in a department store, we rarely pay attention to the descriptions about the rise and fit of jeans. But when we have to choose a pair from a shop online we have to be very aware of our waistlines and how loose jeans should fit on our bodies. In this article, you’ll find out what kinds of jeans exist and which types will fit your body best.

smartzune.com  put together a list of terms that manufacturers use for different models of jeans.


  • High-waisted: These are jeans that have a waistline on the level of the navel or higher. Such pants should not necessarily be tight. This fit was very popular in the ’80s and ’90s, but they have become favored again in the 2010s. As a rule, they are combined with a shirt tucked inside or a crop top. Such a high rise makes your body look longer, and while combined with a loose fit, it helps to hide your tummy.
  • Original: Such a rise is almost the same as the previous one because the waistline here is on the level of the navel. You can wear these jeans with the same items of clothing as high-waisted jeans. In the fall and early spring, they are perfect to pair together with flannel shirts, pullovers, and sweaters. And in the summer you can pair them with crop tops, light blouses, and classic white shirts.A Complete Jeans Guide to Help You Choose the Right Fit for Any Look
  • Regular or medium: This is a classic rise with a waistline that is a bit lower than the navel. If they are chosen correctly, they can suit any body type, and you can wear them with anything from a classic jacket to a bomber jacket and a top.
  • Low: Jeans with a low rise will look good only on girls with flat bellies. In the early 2000s, they were usually combined with short tops which revealed the lower part of the belly. However, today, such a combination is considered to be in bad taste. Modern fashion trends allow us to show only an inch of bare skin, and your abs are expected to be flawless. Besides, at the end of the 2010s, such jeans were usually combined with shirts tucked inside along with oversized sweaters.
  • Ultra-low: The jeans with an ultra-low rise are not as popular as they were at the beginning of the 2010s. They are recommended only to slim girls with flat stomachs because the waistline of such jeans are slightly above the pubis. These jeans can be combined with the same tops as low rise jeans.