9 Weird Accessories That Were Terribly Popular Back in the Day

Women, as well as lots of men, have always wanted to be beautiful and followed popular trends. To be fashionable, people wore millions of accessories which were considered to be incredibly elegant in the past. But today, when we look at such things, they really surprise and shock us: how could a chamber pot for ladies be stylish?

smartzune.com  has collected weird accessories worn by people in the past.

9. A chamber pot for ladies

French women used the bourdalou, a women’s chamber pot, in the 17th and 18th centuries. It looked like a gravy boat, this object had 1 handle. This aspect is quite personal from the point of view of a modern person, but French women would not agree.

9 Weird Accessories That Were Terribly Popular Back in the Day

Beautiful women wearing crinolines and wigs came up to the wall during the era of Louis XIV, taking their bourdalou that could be tucked under their dresses, using it when sitting, and then discreetly carrying it back. What’s more, it was a trendy accessory: pots made of porcelain or earthenware and painted with elegant paintings.