9 Tips for Losing Weight Without Stress or Limitations

Sometimes, we wish we could drop a few pounds. We want to look good at those once in a lifetime events like prom, an upcoming wedding, or graduation. But does that mean we have to limit ourselves to a tedious lifestyle with nothing but calorie restrictions, limited portion sizes, and exercise? Does dieting really have to be so dull, boring, and frustrating? We think not.

Here at smartzune.com , we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help turn the act of dieting into a celebration instead of a chore.

Read on to see how you can actually enjoy dieting and be sure to check out the bonus tip at the end.

1. Fill the void of your favorite snacks with something new.

Celebrate a new beginning by enriching your life with non-food related activities. Substituting comfort foods for healthy distractions will set you on a positive path from day 1.
9 Tips for Losing Weight Without Stress or Limitations
  • Set aside time to read a book, watch a show, or play some video games.
  • Join a local group activity such as a yoga class or an acting group.
  • Treat yourself to some quiet relaxation time or take a nap.

Find something to look forward to every day that doesn’t include your favorite snack.

2. Remind yourself of what’s important.

Research shows that our motivation to be healthy directly impacts our overall health and fitness levels. That’s why it’s easier to stick to a diet plan during the first few days. Here are some ways to remind yourself to stay on track until you reach your goals:

  • Decorate your home and office desks with sticky notes that will encourage you to stay strong.
  • Make daily notes of ways that your diet has improved your life (e.g. “Today I fit into my skinny jeans”) and collect them in a jar. Read through all the notes whenever you feel like giving up.

Be sure to think of your very own daily motivators and apply them to your life.