9 Things That Scream, “I’m Not a Good Person”

Recently there was an interesting discussion on Reddit about the horrible qualities that make you stay away from a person. Users shared their life experience and recognize the “narcissist” in their friends or relatives. And it looks like some of them are very fed up with the rude behavior of others.

We at  smartzune.com decided to dig deeper into some of the threads and find the psychological explanation of a “bad” person.

1. Avoiding responsibilities

  1. You delay difficult conversations.
  2. You assume the worst. …
  3. You put off projects that create uncertainty. …
  4. You don’t test the reality of your fears. …
  5. You fear and avoid things that may trigger negative memories.
  6. You avoid any possibility of making someone angry with you. …
  7. You avoid putting yourself out there.

9 Things That Scream, “I’m Not a Good Person”

“Avoiding your responsibilities and sticking someone else with the bill” was called out as one of the bad qualities on Reddit. Fear of taking any kind of responsibility can cause a psychological disorder.

A person, for example, can have a panic attack whenever they unconsciously realize that there is an obligation. It may happen for different reasons:

1. Low tolerance to negative emotions

2. Lack of courage

3. Low self-esteem

4. Fear of making mistakes and fear of failure