9 Things in the US That Puzzle Most Foreigners

When you live in a country for many years, everything looks ordinary and familiar. But an outsider will always spot some curious quirks in your customs and behaviors that make them think, “What’s going on here?” Life in the US can puzzle newcomers in many ways, from buying foods and magazines in a pharmacy to deep-frying almost anything you can think of.

Here at  smartzune.com we’ve tried to find out what things in the US take foreigners by surprise most often, and here they are.

1. Public toilets have really large gaps.

Public toilets in the US often puzzle foreigners because they seem to offer much less privacy than restrooms in other countries. It’s all about the large gaps at the sides and huge gaps at the bottom of the stalls which often seem to occupy as much as a quarter of the door.

9 Things in the US That Puzzle Most Foreigners

Even though the issue has been widely discussed on the Internet by both foreigners and US natives, there doesn’t seem to be a single answer. Some people suggest that a bigger gap at the bottom of the door helps to clean the floors faster and easier. Others believe that large gaps are there for safety reasons, and they prevent people from using toilets for purposes they are not meant for.