9 Shopping Manipulations That Make Us Spend a Fortune Every Time

You are in a rush to get home and just want to pick up some eggs and milk from the supermarket, but they lie hidden somewhere near the edges of the store. We have all wondered about the seemingly chaotic arrangement of goods in big supermarkets. But nothing in there is chaotic. It is a well-thought out arrangement with the sole aim of increasing sales. Confused, right?

In this   smartzune.com    article, let’s look at some of the ingenious tricks that supermarkets use to increase their sales.

1. Confusing customers on purpose.

Have you ever wondered why items that are usually purchased together aren’t placed closer to each other? That’s because supermarkets want you to look for them by strolling through the store in hopes that you’ll indulge in impulsive buying when you walk past things.

More progressive businesses focus on the emotional value their product or service provides. They emphasize how they change their customers’ lives, not by supplying them with endless pairs of socks, but by “paving their way to a brighter and more comfortable day.”

9 Shopping Manipulations That Make Us Spend a Fortune Every Time

According to a report published by the Marketing Science Institute, 68% of shoppers who visited more aisles made unplanned purchases compared to 51% of those who visited fewer.

For countless years, businesses have been searching for their own unique selling propositions, trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors and convince customers to choose them.

Businesses go about this in many ways, such as by highlighting the different features they have, lowering prices (or, in some cases, increasing prices), or focusing on the competitor’s disadvantages.