9 People That Managed to Sell Complete Garbage for a Lot of Money

We’re pretty sure that 99% of people would consider a piece of glue that resembles a cartoon hero complete garbage. But somehow, the people below have managed to earn thousands (and sometimes millions) of dollars for the most random items.

Today, smartzune.com   is sharing the most absurd transactions ever. Read on until the end to hear a story about an auction of lost suitcases of which the insides were completely unknown to anyone.

9. Having dinner in front of the camera for $10,000.

In South Korea, people who eat food on camera are gaining millions of views on YouTube. These videos are what they call, Mukbang. The celebrities of Mukbang, like hyuneeEats for example (she has more than 400,000 subscribers), earn $10,000 a month by eating huge portions of different foods from noodles, to burgers and sushi.