9 New Bans for Tourists That Can Make Your Life Way Harder

Every year, traveling is becoming more and more affordable: plane tickets are getting cheaper, and so are hotels and tours. But do we ever think about how the locals feel when the streets are packed with visitors? Not all tourists are polite and willing to respect the traditions and historical values of a different country.

Bright Side didn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for proof that the world is a little tired of tourists. New bans and limitations speak for themselves.

1. Tourists “for just one day” in Venice will have to pay a tax.

The local people from this ancient city are tired of the tourist crowds: they literally block the streets and locals can’t get to work or home after a working day. This is why, since May 1, you will have to paymoney for entering the city.

9 New Bans for Tourists That Can Make Your Life Way Harder

The tourists who come to Venice to swim in a gondola will have to pay $3. Everyone who tries to avoid paying will pay a fine of $450. These rules only work for tourists who decide to save money on the hotel and only come to the city for one day (the people who are staying at hotels will already have paid the tax).