9 Interesting Fashion Trends for 2020


Fashion trends are always evolving, this 2020 is a particularly fun fashion year to be. You can wear a variety of styles ranging from modern to the 70s. Whichever style you choose to wear, this is the 2020 ultimate guide to looking unique and fashion-forward!

Here are the fashion trends to rock this year:


Most of us have already worn shorts to minimize the effect of the summer heat. Luckily, hot pants have made a comeback for the 2020 runways. Starting from the knit shorts at Hermes and Ferragamo, denim cutoffs at Rag & Bone and spandex at Brandon Maxwell. If you are not comfortable with shorts, you can ease into it with black tights a la Chanel. For a formal look, you can wear it with a blazer; you can also make it look casual with a shirt or t-shirt.