9 Facts About Our Planet That Aren’t Taught in Schools

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When it comes to our planet, we consider everything about it to be well-known and usual. Surprisingly, we know much more about space than we do about our common planet. For example, we call Earth the blue planet, though scientists believe that it was not always blue. Additionally, the moon is not the only satellite of Earth.

Bright Side invites you to learn about some interesting discoveries about our planet that you probably have never heard before.

9. The moon could have been a part of the earth.

Scientists suppose that our moon appeared due to a collision of our planet with another big object. The collision resulted in the splitting off of a small piece of Earth that later became its satellite.

8. The earth’s magnetic field is changing.

We are used to perceiving our earth’s magnetic field as something constant. However, it actually keeps changing. According to scientific research, the field has moved approximately 600 miles since the

9 Facts About Our Planet That Aren’t Taught in Schools

19th century and its center in the southern hemisphere is now located above the South Ocean. Year after year the speed of its movement increases until it reaches its peak. After that, the movement will slow down again.