9 Disturbing Experiments With Children That Arouse a Storm of Indignation

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Wisdom and knowledge don’t come to people out of nowhere, they appear after many attempts and mistakes. Thanks to scientists who were not scared of experiments, mistakes, risks, and failures, our world got the light bulb, an X-ray, the first vaccine, and DNA decoding.

But learning human nature is quite a delicate task and experiments involving the participation of children have always caused many controversies. A small mistake can lead to awful consequences for the life of a child.

We at smartzune.com collected 9 experiments that involved the participation of kids and caused a lot of turmoil. Many researchers and scientists have gone too far in their aspirations for learning something new, but thanks to one of them the world got a smallpox vaccine.

1. Bobo the doll experiment, or how kids copy the behavior of adults

In the middle of the 20th century, a psychologist named Albert Bandura decided to figure out how far kids would go in copying the behavior of adults. He took a big, inflatable clown, called it Bobo, and made several videos. In one of them, an adult was hugging the doll and playing with it and in the other, he was scolding the doll, pushing it, and even beating it with a rubber hammer.

Later he divided the kids into 3 groups. To one group, he showed the video without violence, to the second group, he showed the video with violence,

9 Disturbing Experiments With Children That Arouse a Storm of Indignation

and he showed nothing to the third group. The groups of kids took turns entering the room where Bobo was sitting. Toy hammers and guns were also there in the room.

Kids that had watched the aggressive video, started to tease the doll with no hesitation. They scolded the doll, kicking it, beating it with hammers, and threatening it with a gun. The other 2 groups didn’t have even the smallest sign of expressing violence.

What did this research prove? Kids imitate the behavior of adults and sometimes they do it thoughtlessly. That’s why if your kids start to use bad words, beat other kids, or speak rudely to their grandparents, watch carefully: who are they mimicking?