9 Details About Your Look That Can Ruin a First Impression in a Split Second

There are 3 universal conclusions that people can detect just by looking at each other’s faces. They are how dominant, how reliable, and how attractive a person is and it takes us less than one second to figure them out. Even though our first impression may be wrong (sometimes), it is the only thing we have: in an interview, a first date, or when meeting the parents of your date. And it is better to be prepared for these meetings the best way you can.

smartzune.com    has processed the results of scientific studies about how first impressions are formed and which stereotypes impact the way we perceive someone else’s appearance.


People do judge each other by appearance. So, in one experiment, scientists wanted to find out about the impression that is formed about people based on what they are wearing.The researchers tested 2 specific brands, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger. It turned out that the logo of a premium brand increases the status of the person wearing this piece of clothing.

9 Details About Your Look That Can Ruin a First Impression in a Split Second

People think that this person is wealthy. But interestingly, the price of the clothing had no impact on the perception of their attractiveness or kindness, and the price didn’t establish any form of trust. But people estimated the wearer’s level of possible income to be much higher based on the logo.