8 Things You Are Too Old for, and This Is Awesome

A majority of women are afraid of getting old, but aging has its own advantages. An American woman, Michelle Combs fought desperately against signs of aging for a very long time as many others like her, but when she turned 52, she decided she was done fighting against it. Today, she is confident that stereotypes can ruin the quality of a person’s life, but the older we become, the easier it is to get rid of them. In her blog, smartzune.com Michelle wrote about which principles she completely removed from her life in order to become happier.

put together a list of such principles that Michelle said no to without losing a thing.

1. Bearing something you don’t like.

  • “I no longer want to keep my mouth shut when I see an injustice. Or feel one.”

Michelle Combs is sure that we should never be silent when we see or feel injustice. We are always ready to speak out on someone else’s behalf but never on our own. We need to build our own psychological boundaries.

8 Things You Are Too Old for, and This Is Awesome

 It is very important to show those around you that you should never be treated like this. Speaking out about what you don’t like is the first step in the right direction.Well – the truly correct answer is that both could feasibly be correct based on context!Okay: the typical, universally-accepted normal phrase is “bear in mind”, which means to hold in mind or keep in mind.However: it wouldn’t be wrong at all, in a different context – one in which you didn’t want to tell somebody to keep something in mind but wanted to describe a person’s mind in an interesting way – to say ‘bare in mind’. Imagine a novelist attempting to describe a character:

“Craig was a truly tedious human being – stripped of soul, dull of voice, and bare in mind.”