8 Staggering Facts About Women That Can Knock You Off Your Feet

Most of us are already aware of many interesting facts about women. For example, that they have a better sense of smell, a more developed intuition, and there has even been a link discovered between the size of a woman’s breasts and her intelligence. Nevertheless, psychologists and other scientists still struggle trying to find the answers to women’s ways of thinking and their extraordinary skills. Luckily, they occasionally manage to prove their ’womanish’ theories.

smartzune.com collected some research that might help men understand their women better. Women themselves will also learn something new about their nature.

3. There are more women with poor eyesight than men.

There are behavioral and environmental factors that increase the risk of eyesight issues regardless of a person’s gender. But there are specific nuances that are directly related to women only. First, it’s connected to their longer lifespan and

8 Staggering Facts About Women That Can Knock You Off Your Feet

eye problems that appear due to their age. Second, women are more prone to some eye illnesses — for example, a dry eye syndrome which is supposedly connected with hormones. There are 2-3 times fewer men with this syndrome than women.