8 Facts About Royal Children Proving That the Throne Is More Than Just Privileges

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From the outside, the lives of kings seem easy and carefree. But princes and princesses from 28 kingdoms follow age-old traditions from the very first days of life. Their days are packed with things to do and they’re always on a tight schedule. However, there are a lot of interesting things on the long list of rules and requirements. In this article, we will tell you what kindergarten the future Queen of Spain was sent to, what car Paul McCartney presented to Prince George, and why the heir of the Swedish throne is presented with Russulas.

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1. The birth of a blue blood baby

In Great Britain, the Queen is always the first to be informed when an heir is born. Prince William has told the good news to his grandmother for the third time already on the phone with an encrypted number. As it turned out, the grandchild and the great-grandchild couldn’t call Elizabeth II “Grandmother” in the very beginning. William wasn’t able to say “Granny” in his childhood, so she responded to “Gary,” and George completely avoids difficult letters and calls his grandmother “Gan-Gan.”

8 Facts About Royal Children Proving That the Throne Is More Than Just Privileges

The Duke of Cambridge is quite old-fashioned and he always picks his wife up from the maternity ward himself. Babies are usually delivered by a team of doctors that must sign a non-disclosure agreement. And even though Kate was seriously considering giving birth at home, their second son was born at St Mary’s Hospital. Before 1948, kings and queens were not allowed to see the newborn babies and today, Prince William can be with his wife to give her his support during labor.