7 Traitors From The GOP Senate Facing Flood of Crazy Angry Backlash

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At his impeachment trial, the seven Republican senators who split ranks by voting to convict former President Donald Trump encountered immediate animosity and criticism from fellow conservatives who exposed the potentially high cost inside the party of resisting Trumpism.

Both voters and GOP representatives have come out to criticize the decision of seven Republican senators and have warned them that their seats are in extreme trouble.

Of course, Mitt Romney led this group of Senators, but Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, and Pat Toomey all joined the group by casting their votes against Trump.

The 7 lawmakers have been criticized for breaking ranks with the rest of the party by party leaders and local GOP officials, many hoping to curry favor with the large swath of conservative voters still loyal to Trump.

The criticisms reflect the strong grip Trump appears to have on national Republicans amid his loss in November and his subsequent inability to admit defeat.

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Polling conducted after last month’s assault on Congress continues to show that Trump maintains a sky-high Republican approval rating, and that about half of the GOP is overwhelmingly loyal to the former president himself rather than the party.


In a 57-43 vote on Saturday following an extraordinary second impeachment hearing, the Senate ultimately acquitted Trump.

The outcry against Sasse, who is also likely to face formal censorship, was specifically stated by one of Trump’s Senate floor defense attorneys.

Some Republicans who did not even vote for Trump’s impeachment were blamed for not being adequately deferential to the former president.

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