7 New Travel Restrictions for 2020 You’ll Need to Know So You Don’t Spoil Your Next Vacation

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Nowadays the tourist season is open all year round. In summer people can have a vacation at Mediterranean resorts, in winter they can go to Thailand or Bali to warm their bones. That’s why learning the rules and regulations tourists might encounter in a certain country can be very useful.

We at Bright Side learned that the list of restrictions for travelers has increased again and we recommend that you learn the new rules in order to not spoil your long-awaited trip.

7. It’ll become more complicated to find your travel agent in Istanbul airport.

You’ll now have to look for the representatives of the travel agency by yourself in Istanbul Airport. These people usually collect tourists who booked a tour with their agency and transfer them to the hotel. In airports, they hold “meet and greet’ signs with the name of the agency or hotel. Earlier they were meeting tourists right after they got through customs.This scheme stopped working on the 1st of January, 2020. From now on, the representatives of the tourist industry can no longer be in this zone.
7 New Travel Restrictions for 2020 You’ll Need to Know So You Don’t Spoil Your Next Vacation

or hold signs with the name of their company or the name of the tourist written on them. These actions are considered to be illegal advertising now.Now it’s only relatives and friends of travelers who are allowed to get to the meeting zone of the Istanbul airport. Travel agents are using their creative skills to the fullest: they pretend to be ordinary people, but wear T-shirts with the company’s logo or inform their clients in advance that they will be holding a paper folder of a certain color in their hands. Despite all these tricks, the process of collecting tourists now takes about 1.5-2 hours.