6 Things Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your Health

Sticking a tongue out is a greeting in Tibet while in many other countries it’s used as a way to diagnose you. You may be surprised, but the tongue can indicate many health problems. And for an initial examination, you can take a mirror and carefully look at your tongue. After this, you can match it with the information that we’ve prepared for you.

We at  smartzune.com    looked at the tongue from a new perspective and are ready to share our findings with you.

1. Location of organs on the tongue

The tongue is an entire map, in which each site is responsible for a particular internal organ. Some changes (sores, bruises, blisters, etc.) may suggest a malfunction of these organs.

While tongue tips denote the heart.
The lungs are next to the top, on the sides.

  • 6 Things Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your Health
  • The mouth core points to both stomach and pancreas.
    The liver and spleen lie along the bottom.
    The intestines are closer to the underside of the tongue.
    Kidneys are on the sides of intestines.