6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

Great secrets are great because only few people know about them. Some secrets are passed down from generation to generation, some come from a teacher to a successor. It’s said that if something has to be kept in secret forever, only 2 people should know about it. So who should keep it?

smartzune.com  will tell you 6 secrets that only 2 people in the world know about.

6. Imperial napkins

It may sound strange, but there’s a secret method to folding napkins that few people know about.

This technique was invented at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Strictly kept in secret, it was passed down by certain

6 Things That Only 2 People in the World Know About

Imperial servants orally from generation to generation. Servants always had to fold the napkins this way in case the emperor decided to attend dinner.

This tradition is still alive today and there are only 2 officers who are keepers of this unique knowledge. People have the chance to use these specially folded napkins only during visits from presidents or royal persons from other countries.