6 Remarkable Men Whose Difficult Personalities Spoiled Their Family Lives

The famous character of the fairytale Bluebeard is not the imagination of Charles Perrault. He was modeled after a Brittany medieval monarch, Conomor the Cursed. He had several missing wives and he was known for how violent and cruel he was. Our compilation’s men aren’t as bad as Bluebeard, but the lives of their wives were also pretty hard. They had to cope with their husbands ‘ peculiarities, including cheating and other things they’ve done.

We at smartzune.com  have reviewed the biographies of some of these outstanding people and realized that being married to a genius can be a challenge.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s relatives and friends described him as a kind, helpful, and modest person. This famous scientist was shy and very modest about his popularity: he always appeared in his favorite warm sweater in public. He lived with his first wife, Mileva Marić, for 16 years. Their relationship began to crumble when she discovered Albert and his cousin Elsa’s secret correspondence.

The scientist told his wife that she had to follow a series of rules to keep my clothes and laundry in good order in order to continue living together. I’ll receive my three meals in my room on a regular basis. My bedroom and my study should be carefully maintained,

6 Remarkable Men Whose Difficult Personalities Spoiled Their Family Lives

And my desk in general, which should only be left for my use.

You must renounce all personal relationships with me insofar as for social reasons they are not entirely necessary. Specifically, with you and my going out or traveling with you, you’re going to forget my sitting at home.

In your relationship with me, you will respect the following points: you won’t expect me to have any affection, nor will you reproach me in any way. If I ask you, you’ll stop talking to me. If I ask you, you will immediately leave my bedroom or study without protest. You will be careful not to disrespect me before our boys, either by words or behaviour.

Mila and Albert began living separately shortly afterwards,

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