6 Exercises to Make Your Body Live Longer

A healthy lifestyle and good physical training are the main keys to longevity and maintaining a high life expectancy. Doing sports can actually add a few years to your life, a recent study says. However, we should be more considerate when choosing the perfect workout. Adherence to specific exercises can affect your health in different ways. Some are good for your heart, some prevent your body from injuries, and others balance your stress levels.

We smartzune.com were curious to find out which workouts could actually contribute to your lifespan. In this list, we’ve collected exercises that combat various health problems and therefore, make our bodies live longer.

1. Tennis and other team sports for greater life expectancy

A recent study carried out by researchers from The Copenhagen City Heart Study showed that people who practice team sports can expect greater life longevity than those who prefer to go solo.

6 Exercises to Make Your Body Live Longer

Experts claim that the companionship and social interaction improve your mental health and increase your adherence to the exercise.

Regular physical activity improves your cognitive skills, such as good memory and focus, when you’re older. Among the most efficient sports are tennis, badminton, and football.